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Citrus Suite Ltd
Mobile app, Website, Custom software
United Kingdom (Liverpool)

Citrus Suite provides design and development services to organisations lacking the skills or capacity to build their own software. Since 2008 our Liverpool based team have deployed over 100 premium quality mobile apps, software platforms and websites for clients. We believe technological innovation brings new business models, creates jobs and should be used to protect and enhance people’s day-to-day experience of the world. Citrus Suite has a mission to take real-world problems and solve with future proof ideas that support and impact end-users, while never losing sight of client product goals. We are proud that the software we build can help to transform the way people live and work. We are here to help you create great digital products and services. Bridging the gap between technology and the human experience we solve meaningful challenges through creative design thinking. From mobile health or mHealth, MedTech, Educational Software, EduTech, financial solutions, InsurTech, AR (augmented reality), enterprise software systems and technology for start-ups.

Average Project Size

€ 40000,-

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Company Age

10+ years

Development process

Citrus Suite are a leading technology agency, based in Liverpool UK, working with start-ups and established companies across the globe. Citrus can help you elevate your ideas, with a tried and tested innovation processes. Pinpoint the technology and innovation required. Design, collaborate and motivate. Plan, define the budget and focus the core concept. Target meaningful user insights. Build world class software to match the business opportunity. Build an MVP (minimum viable product). Build a full system. Energise the innovation on launch. Citrus Suite’s innovation labs and concept incubation process has been part of the company’s DNA since inception. With research and development activities taking place to build new products and evaluate new technologies as they enter public consciousness.


Agile Software Development, Lean Development (LD), Scrum, Waterfall

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Chris Morland
Citrus Suite Ltd


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Ideal clients

Citrus Suite wish to work with startups and established companies across the globe to produce user friendly software systems. We can build your minimum viable product (MVP). The first step is figuring out the problem that needs to be solved and then developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to begin the process of learning as quickly as possible. The Citrus Suite team can build the most technically demanding web & app software systems from our studio in Liverpool, UK. Areas of expertise include mobile health (mHealth), MedTech, Educational Software, EduTech, financial solutions, InsurTech, AR (augmented reality), enterprise software systems – great technology for start-ups & established organisations. Clients are in safe hands with Citrus Suite. Our design experience elevates good ideas into great products, and our technical capabilities are world class, and geared towards delivering results. Citrus has in-house developers delivering feature-rich websites and software systems with highly functional custom-tailored solutions that will set customers apart from the competition.

Citrus Suite Ltd
Citrus Suite Ltd
Citrus Suite Ltd

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