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Mobile apps, Websites, Custom software
Poland (Krakow)
Codete specializes in IT consulting and implementations of innovative solutions for companies willing to increase their technological potential. We accelerate the growth of our partners through technology and support digitalization transformation in the areas of Cloud Computing, Data Science, IoT and DevOps. As a company, we have been building our unique experience and know-how since 2010. We are a trusted partner for multiple recognizable brands across the world. Our goal is to unleash the real value of products by implementing best practices and delivering top software and consulting services.
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€ 100000,-

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10+ years

Development process
We always start with the project scope definition. At the very beginning, we perform an initial audit to determine the business goals and challenges the client is facing, as well as his current state. Afterwards, we suggest the requirements workshop, which usually spans 1-2 business days. As a result, we have the initial backlog prepared with the first user stories detailed. Then we can start the development process. Our go-to solution is using Agile methodologies, namely SCRUM. We follow the iterative approach, and as the project becomes more mature and reaches the end user, we need to consider project adjustments - to more Kanban approach which facilitates the support needs better. Of course, the team is being adjusted over the course of the SDLC to fit the current needs.

Agile Software Development, Dynamic Systems Development Model (DSDM) , Extreme Programming (XP), Lean Development (LD), Scrum

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Michał Krzysztof


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Ideal clients

One of our success stories.Our data engineers developed a reference project for all the microservices of the Deloitte’s automotive industry client (several hundred). Our Vanilla Java-based microservices template served as the crucial part of collecting entry logs from the set of manufacture devices.

Our role in the process was to label the data before it gets further to the data lake. The intention of the entire application was to create a huge repository of logs and build data intelligence.
Codete operates globally in a variety of business verticals such as Fintech, E-commerce and Retail, Travel, Healthtech, Advertising and Marketing, Automotive, Media and Entertainment. Our customers are global corporations and tech scale-ups from Europe and the US. We are partnering with top technology universities in the area of Data Science R&D


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