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5 Exceptions Software Solutions.
Mobile app, Website
India (Indore)

5Exceptions is a software services company headquartered in Indore, India. Formally, Five Exceptions Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. established in 2015 when five engineers working together since 2007, aimed at setting up a trusted IT outsourcing partner on which clients can rely on. Our team comprises of immensely talented and dynamic project managers, software developers and testers that work with a focus on quality and timely delivery. 5Exceptions empowering businesses by enabling digital transformation and uncomplicating business processes. We aim to build and deliver software products that are easy to use and that enhance business profitability. Having worked across multiple industries, we have gained vast exposure that enables us to not only meet your directives but contribute more by providing recommendations as and when required. We meet your software needs ranging from building web/mobile applications to managing cloud services, from software testing to Internet of Things and from developing new products to re- engineering existing ones.

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3-4 years

Development process

Development process which we will follow to properly execute the project. (1) Milestone Design: We will prefer to use any project management tool (Asana, Trello or Tira) and divide all tasks into the sub-task and create tickets of all the tasks to properly track them. (2) Wireframe Design: Wireframe design is mainly used to show the navigation and functionality of the application. In this stage, we will implement and provide wire frame design of all the screens (front end and backend). Wireframe design will show navigation/flow of data between various screens. This is used to avoid any kind of rework during real implementation. (3) Database Design : in this step, we will provide ER diagram of the database design. so you can review, understand it and update us if any change require. (4) Coding : In this stage, we will start the actual implementation of the code. We will show progress of the work regularly( At least 1 or 2 times in the week) (5) Status Meeting : We will schedule the status meeting of the project (at least once in a week) to review the current progress of the project. (6) Version Control : We will use the GIT to track and manage the code. (7) Development Environment : we will use 3 environments during development - Local Server : for our local implementation - Development at server : For review and approval - Live Server: for actual customer. after getting approval on the development environment we will move the code to live environment.


Agile Software Development, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Scrum, Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Waterfall (a.k.a. Traditional)

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Rajeev Singh
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5 Exceptions Software Solutions ideal client is someone: - Who is looking for the solutions, services and products, we are offering. - Who will get the best solution to his/her problem or requirement out of our services or products. - Who will give us an opportunity to explore new technical skills and make us overcome all challenges.

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