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In their new blog post, they will provide you with some helpful information on common mistakes that React Native developers should avoid while reaching to the perfection of developing an excellent app.

First let’s have a rewind about why they love React Native

React Native uses JavaScript

React Native uses JavaScript – the universal language with huge support from the developer community.

Better work productivity

React Native allows code sharing, code reuse, hot loading & synchronous APIs. These features help to shorten the development cycle & save time. ‘Live loading’ feature allows viewing code changes on the screen along with mobile results of the code, thus, improving work productivity.

Very strong community 

React Native is chosen by many big names in the market with a huge community of supporting developers. The fact that React Native is open source makes its gain even more support from a larger community.

Cross-platform experience and truly native

Single code base across multiple platforms saves effort for code maintenance, easy to plan & add new functionality as well as offers speedy results.

Suitable for MVP Development

React Native helps developers to produce hybrid apps at faster speed, with low budget. Faster development time equals faster release to the market. Increased productivity and optimal performance for cross-platform apps, making React Native a very good choice for MVP development. 

5 common mistakes that developers should avoid when developing React Native App

Poor estimation & lack of attention to details

Cross-platform does have some reusable components but there are huge differences between iOS and Android page structure. This requires developers to prepare for working with two different layouts as well as to highly pay attention before making any estimate.

Fail to properly set up redux store

Redux state helps with storing data in order to ensure that the application logic is well structured, applications behave consistently as expected. However, without the right planning process, it can mess up the app. 

Developers need to:

  • Build proper store structure and well organize your files
  • Add reducer function gradually but cautiously and pay attention when combine them
  • Consider adding middleware
  • Pay attention on store configuration

And don’t forget: Redux is more suitable for large scale projects instead of small  projects.

No React Native image optimization

Optimizing images should be prioritized since ineffective images take up a lot of space and memory. Image with ideal size load fast, thus, improving the user experience. 

Improper Unit Test

Proper unit test is necessary for assessing features and functionalities of the app at the right stage. Improper unit tests can cause frustration and failure when the product goes live. 

False use of major practices

If the React Native best practices are used correctly, it can help to accelerate the development process, otherwise it will negatively affect the entire process. The best solution is to plan carefully every step to reach the desired outcome while following the React Native best practices.

If you want to maximize the use of React Native for your app, learning from these common mistakes and know how to improve them will be helpful for you. If you count on hiring a third party to implement your perfect cross-platform app, BHSOFT can be the right choice for you. They will provide you with a full React Native team who follows and helps you from start to stop until your product is successfully launched to the market.