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Galaxii, developed by SPARK+, is a cutting-edge Web 3.0 video sharing platform revolutionizing social media experiences in the USA. With a focus on user authentication, seamless content creation and sharing, integrated messaging, and blockchain-based identity management, Galaxii offers a customizable suite of social media building blocks. Leveraging ReactJS, Solidity, NodeJS, and React Native, along with IPFS for decentralized content storage, Galaxii empowers brands to elevate their online presence while prioritizing privacy and security.

Technology Stack

  • ReactJS
  • Chainlink
  • NodeJS
  • Solidity Ethereum

Problem Statement

The lottery and gaming industry in New Guinea faces challenges related to transparency, trust, and security. Traditional lottery systems often lack transparency, leading to skepticism among participants regarding the fairness of results. Moreover, centralized platforms are susceptible to tampering and fraud, undermining trust in the gaming ecosystem. Autobet aims to address these issues by leveraging blockchain technology to create transparent, tamper-proof lotteries that offer fairness, security, and trust without the need for intermediaries.


SPARK+ collaborated closely with stakeholders in New Guinea to conceptualize and develop Autobet, a decentralized lottery and gaming platform powered by blockchain technology. The methodology involved a thorough analysis of industry challenges, user requirements, and technological feasibility to design a solution that meets the needs of both players and organizers. Utilizing ReactJS, Chainlink, NodeJS, and Solidity Ethereum, the team implemented a robust infrastructure capable of ensuring transparency, security, and fairness in lottery operations.

Collaboration Process

The collaboration between SPARK+ and stakeholders in New Guinea was marked by a shared vision to revolutionize the lottery and gaming industry through blockchain innovation. Regular consultations, feedback sessions, and progress updates facilitated a collaborative atmosphere where ideas were exchanged, challenges were addressed, and solutions were co-created. Transparency and accountability were prioritized throughout the collaboration process, ensuring that project objectives were aligned with stakeholder expectations.

Technologies Used

Autobet leverages an advanced tech stack comprising ReactJS, Chainlink, NodeJS, and Solidity Ethereum to deliver a cutting-edge decentralized lottery and gaming platform. Chainlink's decentralized oracle network ensures accurate and tamper-proof data feeds, while Solidity Ethereum enables the implementation of smart contracts for automated results and payments. Additionally, NodeJS provides a scalable backend infrastructure, while ReactJS ensures a responsive and intuitive user interface for seamless gaming experiences.

Deliverables and Impact

The successful deployment of Autobet represents a significant milestone in transforming the lottery and gaming industry in New Guinea. Key deliverables include various single and multiplayer games, partner and organizer platforms, automated results and payments, immutable and transparent records, pseudonymous participation, verifiable decentralized random number generation, DeFi integration, reward system, and multi-currency support. Autobet's innovative features have garnered widespread acclaim, fostering trust and confidence among participants and organizers alike.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, SPARK+ remains committed to enhancing Autobet's features and functionalities to meet the evolving needs of the gaming community in New Guinea. Plans are underway to integrate Autobet's native BET token and support for other major digital currencies, further enhancing accessibility and utility for players and organizers. Continuous innovation, coupled with strategic partnerships and regulatory compliance, will position Autobet as a leading platform for decentralized lottery and gaming, driving positive impact and empowerment in the gaming ecosystem.


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