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Web Platform & Smart Contract

CREATE, developed with ReactJS for the front end and NodeJS for the backend, is a cutting-edge web 3.0 crowdfunding and DAO platform, empowering creators in the USA. Offering diverse funding options, secure crypto payments, and utility token integration, CREATE revolutionizes the crowdfunding experience. With features like detailed campaign setup, easy social media sharing, secure crypto payments, and real-time progress tracking, CREATE enables creators to engage their community effectively and bring their projects to life.

Technology Stack

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Solidity

Problem Statement

Traditional crowdfunding platforms often lack flexibility, transparency, and security, posing challenges for creators seeking funding for their projects. Moreover, existing platforms may not fully leverage the potential of blockchain technology to streamline payments and incentivize community engagement. CREATE aims to address these issues by offering a web 3.0 crowdfunding and DAO platform that provides diverse funding options, secure crypto payments, and utility token integration, empowering creators to bring their projects to fruition.


CREATE collaborated closely with stakeholders in the USA to conceptualize and develop a transformative crowdfunding platform that leverages web 3.0 principles and blockchain technology. The methodology involved a thorough analysis of industry trends, user preferences, and technological advancements to design a solution that meets the diverse needs of creators and backers. Utilizing a combination of ReactJS for the front end, NodeJS for the backend, and smart contracts written in Solidity for blockchain integration, CREATE implemented a robust platform capable of facilitating seamless crowdfunding campaigns and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance.

Collaboration Process

The collaboration between CREATE and stakeholders in the USA was characterized by a shared commitment to innovation, transparency, and community engagement. Regular consultations, feedback sessions, and progress updates fostered a collaborative atmosphere where ideas were exchanged, challenges were addressed, and solutions were co-created. Transparency, accountability, and inclusivity were central to the collaboration process, ensuring that the platform's features and functionalities met the diverse needs of creators, backers, and other stakeholders.

Technologies Used

CREATE leverages cutting-edge technologies such as ReactJS for the front end, NodeJS for the backend, and smart contracts written in Solidity for blockchain integration. ReactJS facilitates the development of responsive and intuitive user interfaces for campaign setup, progress tracking, and community engagement, while NodeJS powers the backend infrastructure, enabling seamless communication between the front end and smart contracts. Smart contracts written in Solidity ensure secure and transparent transaction processing, enabling features like secure crypto payments, utility token integration, and decentralized governance.

Deliverables and Impact

The successful deployment of CREATE represents a significant milestone in empowering creators and fostering innovation in the USA. Key deliverables include detailed campaign setup with project information, easy social media sharing, secure crypto payments, utility token integration, donations, monthly project competitions, and real-time tracking of campaign progress and donations. The platform's emphasis on community engagement and decentralized governance has enabled creators to engage their audience effectively, receive support from backers, and bring their projects to life with greater confidence and transparency.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, CREATE remains committed to enhancing its features and functionalities to meet the evolving needs of creators and backers. Plans are underway to integrate additional features such as enhanced project curation tools, advanced analytics for campaign optimization, and expanded support for DAO governance mechanisms. Continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and community collaboration will be key drivers of CREATE's success, paving the way for a vibrant and inclusive crowdfunding ecosystem where creativity thrives and projects come to life.


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