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The automotive industry and customers’ behavior is resistant to change. Buying a car without seeing it is still unimaginable for many people. Fortunately, EAG is not afraid of changing old habits - we helped them build Omnetic, which helps automotive professionals sell cars in the most convenient way to allow customers to buy a car even from their couch.

Technology Stack

  • React
  • Redux
  • Typescript
  • PHP 7+
  • Symfony 5+
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS

About the client

Omnetic is part of European Automotive Group SE which has several automotive companies in the portfolio. 30+ years of know-how in automotive, experience with building a billion businesses like, and unparalleled hunger for innovations transform the automotive industry with products like, Omnetic, Cebia, and others.


  • Available in 9 European countries 
  • 1.500+ automotive companies using the solution
  • 130 weeks of development, 65 scrum sprints
  • 10.000 active users per day
  • 40mil. operations per day
  • 500.000 cars on the platform


The ultimate mission was to transform the ancient desktop solution into a new web cloud application used by automotive companies, including Mercedes, Lexus, VW, etc. The app's scope involved market analysis features, vehicle purchases, orders, CRM, stock management, audits, accounting, and servicing. We also needed the app to work with other parts of the Carvago/Teas ecosystem and external solutions. The ultimate challenge was to bring different 3rd party sales platforms that all run on other technologies and have various data requirements into one interface in DMS. Data migration had to be swift and smooth without any impact on users' businesses.

Primarily, the focus was on product and architecture scalability due to the plans for scaling into the whole EU market.

Our approach

Our two teams, led by Product Owners, worked in the scrum framework.

Jimmy created business requirements, prioritized, assigned responsibility areas, and synchronized standards with management and other stakeholders. 

Our crew made an in-depth analysis of existing data, systems, features, business requirements and user behavior. Due to the complexity of the vehicle publishing process to 3rd party platforms, we paid great attention to architecture and further expansion of connected sites. We prepared a data processing system to synchronize extensive data tables between the app and the sites.

During the project, we followed the domain-driven design on top of the architecture inspired by the hexagonal approach. We turned certain parts of the system into microservices. The whole infrastructure is described in Terraform and runs in Kubernetes clusters.

The team has already carried out over 50 sprints in 2-week iterations.


We reimagined the 30-year-old solution from the ground up. The redefinition incorporated new seamless flows, stable technologies, high performance, security, and readiness to scale all over the globe without compromises.

Jimmy's team was responsible for building the car sales domain (new and used cars), providing ways to easily add vehicles for sale to the system and publish them to third-party sites. We built the entire new car sales process in one place. The process includes features like car offering, logistics, stock management, car handover, car preparation for a customer, communication with a client, filters, automation, reports and marketing options.

“Jimmy Technologies delivers on time without sacrificing their work standard. A full SCRUM team of seven people is always dedicated to improving the workflow and the overall quality of the product. With their expertise in development, they are able to solve any issue as quickly as possible..”

Ondrej Kofron, CTO


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