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My Outdoor Agent provides advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) solutions to simplify the process of obtaining aerial imagery, GIS data, and remotely acquired intelligent digital data. Their current projects span across the continental U.S., Australia, Africa, Central and South America, cementing their position as a prominent player in the multi-billion-dollar global GIS mapping industry.

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My Outdoor Agent, a prominent player in the multi-billion-dollar global GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) solutions to simplify the process of obtaining aerial imagery, GIS data, and remotely acquired intelligent digital data. The mapping industry faced significant challenges in managing the intricate processes within the outdoor recreation sector for their 20-25 clients.  With a diverse clientele spanning multiple continents, Orbis recognized the need for a comprehensive platform to streamline the leasing experience between property owners and customers, encompassing various aspects such as recreational licenses, forest inventory, land records, property taxes, and e-commerce transactions. 

Previously, handling property listings and associated processes for clients was a complex and challenging task for Orbis. The need to manage diverse requirements across multiple clients, coupled with the intricacies of the outdoor recreation industry, necessitated a robust and integrated solution.

The Collaboration

Seeking a trusted technology partner, Orbis collaborated with CS Soft Solutions, leveraging our expertise in software development and GIS integration. This collaboration marked the beginning of a transformative journey, where we worked closely with Orbis to deeply understand their unique requirements and design a tailored solution to address the diverse needs of the outdoor recreation industry.

The Approach

Adopting an agile development methodology, the project followed an iterative cycle of design, development, testing, and deployment. Regular communication and face-to-face meetings with Orbis ensured alignment with project objectives and facilitated timely adjustments based on feedback and evolving requirements. This collaborative approach fostered a deep understanding of Orbis' needs and paved the way for innovative solutions.

Technologies Employed

To deliver a robust and scalable solution, CS Soft Solutions leveraged cutting-edge technologies, including jQuery for the front-end, MySQL for the database and WordPress for front-end and back-end. Additionally, we modernized Orbis' legacy systems by upgrading from VB.Net as there has been increasing demand for cross-platform solutions including mobile apps and cloud-based services and VB.Net has limited cross-platform capabilities.  We upgraded to C#, React. C# supports cross platform development through technologies like .NET Core and Xamarin, enabling the creation of applications that can run on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This flexibility is crucial for Orbis, as their platform needs to cater to a diverse user base. On the other hand, React's component-based architecture promotes modularity, reusability, and maintainability, which is beneficial for building complex user interfaces, such as those required for the e-commerce platform and website. 

From the ground up, we designed the platform with reliability and scalability in mind. By leveraging modern technologies and best practices, we built a robust architecture capable of handling Orbis' growing user base and data volumes, ensuring consistent performance and uptime, even during periods of high demand. 

Overcoming Challenges

When Orbis approached us with their ambitious project, we knew it would be a challenging endeavor. However, our team thrives on overcoming obstacles and delivering innovative solutions. Throughout the project, we encountered and overcame several challenges:

Hybrid vs. Native Application: Initially, Orbis requested a hybrid application. However, our team recognized the potential limitations of this approach, particularly in accommodating high traffic during peak periods. We proposed a more robust solution - a native application tailored specifically for each platform. This approach ensures: 

  • Smooth and responsive user experience 
  • Platform-specific features and integrations 
  • Optimal performance, even during high-traffic periods

Map Functionality Integration: A critical requirement for Orbis was the seamless integration of geospatial data and mapping capabilities into their platform. As a leading provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) solutions, Orbis needed a robust solution to incorporate their spatial data and visualize it effectively for their clients. 

This integration posed significant technical challenges, requiring sophisticated data processing and visualization capabilities. However, our team embraced this complexity and provided an innovative solution - Offline Path Tracking - that seamlessly integrated Orbis' geospatial data into the platform. 

The Offline Path Tracking feature enabled users to access and interact with maps and spatial data even in areas with limited connectivity, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience. This solution not only addressed Orbis' immediate needs but also future-proofed the platform, allowing for the integration of advanced mapping and location-based services as the technology landscape evolves. 

Accommodating Peak Traffic: Understanding the cyclical nature of Orbis' business, we adapted our timeline to accommodate peak traffic periods from December to April. By extending the project delivery schedule, we ensured that the platform was optimized to handle increased user activity during these critical months, providing a reliable and scalable solution. 

 Through our proactive approach, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering tailored solutions, we overcame these challenges, ensuring that the final platform met Orbis' requirements and exceeded their expectations.

The Comprehensive Platform

The collaboration between Orbis and CS Soft Solutions resulted in a robust and scalable platform comprising the following key components:

  • Recreational License Management (MOA) Streamlining the application process for various outdoor activities and ensuring compliance with regulations. 
  • Forest Inventory Management (FIP) A sophisticated system for tracking and managing forest resources, enabling sustainable management practices and informed decision-making. 
  • Land Records Management (LITAS): A centralized repository for storing and managing land records, property boundaries, and ownership information. 
  • Property Tax Management (Property Tax): An integrated solution for accurate and timely calculation and management of property taxes. 
  • eCommerce Platform (ONEConnect/Official Website): A user-friendly e-commerce platform integrated with the other modules, allowing customers to browse, book, and pay for outdoor recreational activities seamlessly, with a payment integration solution capable of handling one million transactions per day.

The Impact

The comprehensive platform developed by CS Soft Solutions empowered Orbis and its clients with a seamless experience, enabling efficient management of recreational activities, land resources, and associated processes. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and our expertise, we successfully addressed the complex requirements of the outdoor recreation industry, cementing Orbis' position as a leader in the field and fostering a strong, trusted partnership between our companies. 

The Trusted Partner

Through our collaboration with My Outdoor Agent, CS Soft Solutions demonstrated its ability to deliver innovative and tailored solutions, addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in diverse industries. Our commitment to understanding client requirements, leveraging the latest technologies, and fostering a collaborative approach has positioned us as a trusted partner, capable of driving transformative change and contributing to the success of our clients. 


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