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The project spearheaded a significant transformation aimed at modernizing and optimizing the Cardtech Stammdaten System (CSS) at Concardis. This comprehensive overhaul of CSS, recognized as the operational backbone, was undertaken in response to evolving market demands and strategic business objectives, with a primary focus on enhancing services for a diverse range of enterprises. As part of this project, a key initiative involved the development of a website for Nexi, serving as the gateway for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access Concardis' payment services. Leveraging the enhanced capabilities of the transformed CSS, this website marked a pivotal milestone in achieving the project's objectives.

Technology Stack

  • Kotlin
  • Spring Boot
  • Kafka
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDb
  • Angular


In response to recent M&A activities and evolving business models, Nexi identified the need to modernize the Cardtech Stammdaten System (CSS) at Concardis. The CSS, serving as the central application, had reached its End-Of-Life and required transformation to meet the dynamic needs of the company, particularly in catering to SMEs. Simultaneously, the project aimed to leverage the existing infrastructure to develop a user-friendly website for SMEs, providing seamless access to Concardis' payment services.


The project adopted an agile methodology, emphasizing iterative development and close collaboration between cross-functional teams. Several teams worked closely to define requirements and design solutions that align with the project's objectives. Agile ceremonies and regular feedback loops ensured continuous improvement and alignment with stakeholder expectations.

Technologies Used

Kotlin, Spring Boot, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, and PostgreSQL were used to modernize the CSS, embracing micro-service architecture for flexibility and scalability. The front-end website for Nexi was developed using Angular, prioritizing responsive design and user experience optimization.


The project delivered a robust and scalable backend system based on the transformed CSS, equipped with enhanced capabilities to support Concardis' payment services. The frontend website developed for Nexi served as the primary interface for SMEs to access Concardis' offerings, providing a seamless user experience and facilitating efficient payment processing for businesses.


The modernization of the CSS was a pivotal achievement, facilitating the development of a user-friendly website tailored specifically for SMEs by Nexi. Functioning as the primary entry point to Concardis' payment services, this Nexi website empowered SMEs to streamline their payment processes, ultimately elevating customer satisfaction. This initiative exemplifies Nexi's steadfast commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value within the financial services industry.


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