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A web-based application designed to simplify the reporting process for operators of various facilities, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. The system comprises multiple self-contained modules, each serving specific reporting requirements and functionalities. Key modules include the BASE Module, which manages general application and master data, and specialized modules dedicated to pollutant release reporting, management of large combustion plants, and emission declarations, respectively. Support functionalities include user management, synchronized data management across modules, document generation, automated email notifications, comprehensive cross-module search functionality and automated generation and delivery of regulatory reports at scheduled intervals.

Technology Stack

  • Java/Kotlin
  • Spring Boot
  • Keycloak
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Kafka
  • Postgres DB
  • Apicurio Schema Registry
  • Zookeeper
  • Drools


EDRP was developed to address the challenges faced by operators of various facilities in meeting regulatory reporting obligations. These operators deal with diverse environmental impact data and are required to adhere to specific reporting standards, which often prove cumbersome to manage efficiently. Manual data collection and reporting processes are prone to errors and inefficiencies, leading to compliance risks and administrative burdens. There was a clear need for a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to streamline reporting procedures and ensure regulatory compliance.


The development of EDRP followed an agile methodology, allowing for iterative development cycles and continuous feedback integration. The project began with extensive requirements gathering and analysis to understand the diverse reporting needs of facility operators and regulatory standards. A cross-functional team comprising developers, designers, and domain experts collaborated closely throughout the development process. Regular sprint cycles facilitated the implementation of features, testing, and refinement based on user feedback. The modular architecture of EDRP enabled flexible development, allowing for the addition of new modules and features as per evolving requirements.

Technologies Used

EDRP leverages a sophisticated technological stack to ensure robust functionality and seamless integration. At its core, Java powers the backend development, providing the necessary scalability and flexibility for handling complex data processing tasks. Apache Kafka serves as the backbone for event-driven architecture and real-time data synchronization, facilitating efficient communication between modules. Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine, enhances data retrieval and analysis capabilities, empowering users to quickly access relevant information. Additionally, the Rule Engine provides a customizable framework for defining and executing validation rules, ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.


The primary deliverable of EDRP is a user-centric web application designed to streamline regulatory compliance management for facility operators. Through meticulous design and development, the platform offers a seamless user experience, facilitating efficient data collection, organization, and reporting. Key features of EDRP include its microservices architecture, facilitating scalability and adaptability to evolving regulatory requirements. Role-based access control and authentication mechanisms ensure data security, while automated document generation simplifies regulatory reporting processes. The notification system provides stakeholders with timely updates and alerts, enhancing communication and transparency. Moreover, the search functionality enables users to easily retrieve and analyze data across modules, facilitating informed decision-making. Overall, EDRP delivers a comprehensive solution that empowers facility operators to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with confidence and efficiency.


The successful development and implementation of EDRP have resulted in significant improvements in regulatory compliance management for facility operators. Operators now have access to a comprehensive platform that simplifies data collection, organization, and reporting, reducing the administrative burden and minimizing compliance risks. The modular architecture and agile development approach ensure that EDRP can adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and technological advancements, providing long-term value to its users.


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