The #1 Liquidity protocol in MultiversX network.

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Hatom successfully reached +100M USD TVL within 6 days of launching, becoming the #1 Liquidity Protocol of the whole MultiversX network.

Technology Stack

  • Web3 Defi

The New Paradigm of Blockchain for DeFi Triumph

Picture a unique opportunity; a robust, technologically advanced blockchain ripe with potential and an engaged community ready for the next leap forward.

Enter Hatom, a trailblazing team harnessing this opportunity to elevate the MultiversX network as the foremost choice in the transition to DeFi.

A Visionary Approach by Hatom Team

The Hatom team, ever forward-thinking, identified a significant missing piece: a Lending Protocol. Responding to this, they embarked on a thorough analysis of the community and designed a strategy to deliver consistent and powerful results.

They are dedicated to delivering value and upholding a resilient, long-term value proposition, never wavering from their ambitions.

Partnering with the Perfect Development Team

After immense effort, a roadmap was born. The challenge lay in identifying a team that shared the same drive, was capable of the task, and demonstrated long-term commitment.

Who could develop in MultiversX?

“Most teams we’d contacted had provided us with unrealistic timelines, and it didn’t seem like they had the required competencies.” 

Ahmed Serghini, Co-CEO & COO, Hatom Labs

A challenge? Not for Rather Labs

We curated a tailor-made team that took the reins of the project, bringing strategic acumen to every aspect and reducing the learning curve for new technologies.

"We knew Rather Labs stood apart based on their portfolio and expertise. After our meeting, it was clear they were the right choice and all their accolades were well-earned.” 

Ahmed Serghini, Co-CEO & COO, Hatom Labs.


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