OTC protocol that allows for multi-chain trading, lending, netting, and clearing of crypto assets.

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Web 3.0

Membrane came up with the protocol that facilitated a comprehensive solution for managing crypto assets. Their innovative product had already garnered a significant customer base that was excited about the cutting-edge technology they offered.

Despite this success, they encountered a challenge. To ensure their continued focus on business and overall strategy, they required a team with technical proficiency that could establish a robust leadership framework.

To achieve this, they were searching for a staffing partner who could help them find, hire, and manage top technical talent without the hassle and within their budget. This approach was crucial to their plan for scaling their operations and maintaining their position in the market.

Technology Stack

  • Web3 Defi

A challenge? Not for Rather Labs

Membrane’s idea was to develop a cross-blockchain and cross-custodial platform to execute payments from an OTC trading module securely, synchronously, and without accessing user funds.

This is why they chose to leverage Rather Labs proven expertise in scaling teams, managing blockchain projects, and strong foundation in technical know-how.

For that, they needed to scale the team efficiently, restructure it, design new workflows, improve hiring, provide training and, most importantly, get advanced technical support on blockchain technology.

The All-In-One Crypto Solution

At the forefront of pioneering developments poised to revolutionize the financial landscape, together with Rather Labs, Membrane stands as an innovative force. These groundbreaking solutions not only reshape our understanding of financial dynamics but also establish fresh market standards.

Aligning with this vision, the primary objective was to forge a cross-blockchain and cross-custodial platform, ensuring secure and synchronized payment execution from an over-the-counter (OTC) trading module without ever accessing users' funds.

These goals have been successfully attained and further refined to accommodate more integrations in a safer fashion. Moreover, in pursuit of continual enhancement, diverse features like a lending module and a derivatives component have been seamlessly incorporated.

Efficient Developer Hiring Process

  • Job Specification: We match client requirements with the ideal developer for a seamless outcome.
  • Recruitment: Our team of recruiters finds top talent from a database of 6000+ developers, presenting the best match within 72 hours.
  • Candidate Presentation: A comprehensive presentation of the developer's profiles, rates, and expected start date is provided to the client.
  • Interview Process: Customized interviews ensure candidates fit with the expectations and team compatibility.
  • Developer Selection: Clients choose from a pre-screened pool of candidates.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regular check-ins with our People Care team evaluate the performance of the hired candidate.

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