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We have developed a Device Driver for Marvell Semiconductor that adds plenty of features to existing drivers of Enterprise Level Hardware. These Drivers have a hardware-independent layer that supports various Operating Systems and pluggable models to add new features at any point in time. We have also developed cutting-edge NICs that would deliver high-speed and safer data transfer and exhibit superior reliability and compatibility across diverse network environments. Simultaneously, the development of firmware aimed to enhance functionality, security, and manageability of these NICs, ensuring seamless integration with various operating systems and network architectures.

Technology Stack

  • C language


  • Support Large Matrix
  • Compatibility with Modern OS
  • Support Hardware Platforms
  • Optimum and Efficient Code
  • Secure Code
  • Quality Control
  • High Performance


  • Handle a large support matrix that serves the heavy-duty storage and networking goals.
  • Fulfill the functional goals while maintaining and optimizing the efficiency of the program.
  • Compatible with all the popular modern operating systems along with the support for a variety of hardware platforms.
  • Consideration of performance and security issues in the process by identifying and evaluating challenges.


  • Marvell Semiconductor Device Driver is developed with a hardware-independent layer.
  • Hardware independent layer acts as a bridge between the upper and lower layers. This layer is optimally generalized to accommodate different Operating systems. Even the support for various features can be enabled or disabled at compile time, software load time or run time.
  • Most importantly, it follows a consistent pluggable model using which new features can be added easily at any point in time with very few changes in the existing code.

Major features line-up

  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Different Parcel Dimensions
  • Booking Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • Carriers Management
  • Safety & Security

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