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The Scratch Culinary was delivering around 10,000 meals in a week to its customers and was managing all the order and delivery related data with the help of google sheets and multiple other software. The Web Platform we developed for them is a highly scalable solution giving a radical effect on production and distribution. Because of its disruptive stance to untangle the entire process through an unconventional user experience, and use of customer data, it has managed to improve the efficiency in their food supply business exponentially.

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Angular.js
  • MySQL


  • To build a Reliable System
  • Allow Various Subscription Plans for their customers
  • Provide Customized Meal Preferences options to their customers
  • Proper Order Management
  • Support Multiple Delivery Address management
  • Support Multiple Contact Numbers for different day deliveries
  • Simple and Easy Interface
  • Effective Routing


  • Food Supply Chain companies follow a long complex process in production, processing, and distribution.
  • Manual processing of huge data has made the daily operations very slow & heavy by increasing the chances of data loss and redundancy.
  • Health issues of some customers as some of them may have strict restrictions, which is to be given high consideration while preparing meals for them.
  • Some of the organizations or companies provide daily meals facility to their employees which need to be delivered to different addresses. So, Meal Suppliers have to maintain addresses and contact no. of such employees under a common organization name.
  • Drivers may get delivery orders of the addresses in the same route but at a different time, so it is very important to create concise routes with the same addresses on the same day.


The Scratch Culinary web platform is a breakthrough solution to streamline different parts of the food supply chain process giving a competitive edge to the business. It has digitized the whole process from subscription plan selection, meal order, timely delivery to automized payments.

Our solution architects develop the solution to efficiently collect customer meal preferences by providing them easily navigating user interface. They can even share details if they are not medically allowed to have a particular ingredient in their daily meal.

Users can leverage the benefit of pausing the subscription if they are not available for some time in the city.

This solution has empowered the Scratch Culinary team by organizing their daily activities, especially drivers as it provides the best concise routing plan for daily deliveries, saving both effort and time.

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