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Custom software, Design, Mobile app, Staff augmentation, Website
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)

Ankora Software Inc. has extensive experience in designing and developing interactive mobile applications, web applications providing mobility to startups and enterprises.Our team is consists of engineers with mindset oriented to problem-solving, efficiency and sustainability. Things need to be done to last and to be easy to scale, which is assured trough professional and educated engineers.We started developing applications 5 years ago, and from a company of 5 people, we have grown into a respectable company with over 45 experts. Today we are one of the fastest-growing IT companies in our state.Regardless of growth and change, some things have remained constant, and these are maximum commitment to partners and work, top quality and a professional and serious approach.

Average Project Size

€ 40000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

5-9 years

Development process

"The element that we have come to value most while running a project in ​ANKORA is effective communication. It has the biggest influence on the ​project’s performance and it is crucial to the success of the whole ​development. That is the reason why we put such a strong emphasis on mutual interaction not only between the team members, but also with the s​stakeholders. Thus, any update is promptly reported to all of the individuals concerned by providing regular, clear, and comprehensive information.Work organisation within the project is based on Scrum. It is a framework ​which consists of iterative and incremental attitude towards troubleshooting c​complex issues. It allows to deliver a product of the highest possible value in a ​productive and creative way.

Within this framework, the process of delivering a product is separated into smaller iterations called Sprints, which facilitate rapid and suitable ​reactions to changes that accompany the
development of this product. Every ​Sprint may be considered as a new project whose duration should not exceed ​one month and which should lead to achieving the Sprint Goal. The final result ​of every Sprint is always a “Done”, usable, and potentially releasable Product ​increment."


Agile Software Development, Lean Development (LD), Waterfall

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Nermin Hadzic
Nermin Hadzic at Ankora Software


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Ideal clients

As a company whos identity was created through building Silicon valley startups, we still love to feel the passion of developing something new. That is why we love working with startups in Seed or Series A funding stage. We have found our place also in working with mature SMEs with around 200 employees, and we find the experience of delivering the solution that makes business process easy satisfying.

Ankora Software
Ankora Software
Ankora Software

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