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Armenia (Yerevan)

CodeRiders is a software development company with a wide-ranging set of technology capabilities to build solutions your business needs.

We are a team of technology experts and IT enthusiasts who strive to perfectly match our solutions to your preferences and business goals. Our aim is to provide quality software solutions and services that facilitate your everyday work and automate the manual business processes.

Our Vision - Time is precious. Automation should save it.

Our Mission - Build simply powerful systems with state-of-the-art technology and innovation to automate business processes

Our Motto - We desire. Together we achieve!

Our Values

-Excellence Providing quality software solutions is the number one goal we strive to achieve. We count the project results successful only if the customer satisfaction rate is high and the product is delivered with the highest quality standards. We aim to excel in risk minimization and use the latest technologies and methodologies to guarantee the best ROI.

- Genuine Care Our core idea is to care about our clients and to help them solve the tech issues with professional IT services. We have a transparent relationship with our customers which helps us reach the higher level of understanding and ultimately find the best solutions for specific needs.

- Team Spirit We believe team spirit is the root of professional services. A team which shares the same values and vision finds a better ways of collaboration. We are skilled, well-organized, creative, and dedicated to the company success. Our team spirit is the key to developing high-quality products.

At CodeRiders we value our team as an important asset in the software development business. Our team mostly consists of CodeRiders students who knew each other during the studies before making the team. This helps us build a healthy and friendly relationship in the team spirit. All of the members of the founding board were childhood friends, so the feeling of friendly atmosphere is in the roots.

Why Us - Our flexible, affordable and complete solutions provided with further support and maintenance make sure your business is going the right way. CodeRiders development team is passionate about utilizing the newest and the trendiest tools to stay ahead of the technology curve. We can work with virtually any web technology stack, from PHP to JavaScript and everything in between and out of that.

Our Advantages

- Efficiency – Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort, expense or resource.

- Flexibility – Integrations and easy modifications according to your business needs.

- Value – Improving the quality of daily operations and management, reducing additional costs.

We Build Solutions with the Most Trending and Demanding Technologies such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, Angular, Ionic, Flutter, and the like.

We have software experience in the Largest Industries, and not only... Healthcare, Finance, Education, Legal, Entertainment, Retail & Wholesale.

Average Project Size

€ 15000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

5-9 years

Development process

We have developed a method of working cycle which will vastly help in growing your business, increasing your ROI, and winning the competition. We can join your processes at any stage of software development life-cycle: from consultation to development and maintenance.

We start by working with you to understand your software needs. By detecting the issue we provide you with IT and tech consultation for you to understand your current and future state.

At CodeRiders, you can get any custom software development service you are in need of. Starting from project idea generation and planning to development and ongoing support. Based on your issue, we suggest several options of solution, define the most needed features that support your needs. Together with solution consulting, we also present you an accurate cost and schedule estimates for your software project.

Once we have the requirement document, CodeRiders technical expertise, designers, architectures and market research team defines the outlook of the solution. We create prototypes to visualize how your software will look like and ensure we are on the right way.

We prioritize the essential features for your project and start working on them first to deliver value. We build modules and elements one by one: each of them is tested after going live. This helps to avoid creating incomplete features all at once. Therefore, you can try out the system in its current state right from the very beginning of the development.

We recommend which platform is best for being quick, responsive and perform as planned with a superior user interface. After implementation, we perform diligent quality assurance, checking each feature, database, and backend system with your technical requirements and design documents.

Most of the software applications need maintenance and support after the development stage. We are eager to support both the applications built by CodeRiders and by other suppliers. Indeed, we aim to be your long term software partner. With the quality of work we deliver, your maintenance costs will be meager.

We work both with Project-based and Hourly-based partnership models.

If you know exactly what you want with a fixed budget and delivery deadlines, Project-based model is the right choice for you. We document and agree on everything beforehand. We have ongoing demos during which we capture your needs and implement them effectively. The cost is fixed and the goal is set before starting the job. Minimum upfront costs are agreed on; afterwards payments are due before delivery of each stage.

Hourly-based model is good for you if you imagine your desired product but have no task and delivery list. This model is flexible, so there is no harm done to your processes even if some requirements are changed. We move systematically and provide reports regularly. During meetings, we also provide a direct access to the resources. Unlike Project Based model, you are free to switch priorities without hurting your budget.


Agile Software Development, Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Contact details
Anna Khachatrian
Anna Khachatrian at CodeRiders


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Ideal clients

Our ideal client is searching for tech solutions to optimize their everyday processes, to automate the manual work and to build a strong and safe app or system. No matter their location - we are open to discuss tech issues with companies from any corner of the world. The ideal size of the company is small to medium, as well as startups, however we are also open to consider large and enterprise companies. So feel free to reach out!

Clients providing a technical documentation together with the project description are even more welcome as this helps us a lot to get a much better understanding of their needs and requirements. However, this is not a mandatory point as some projects can run even without a pre-written technical documentation.

Our core idea is to care about our clients and to help them solve the tech issues with professional IT services. We have a transparent relationship with our customers which helps us reach the higher level of understanding and ultimately find the best solutions for specific needs. We value long-term relationships and smooth communication between two parties. During our whole experience communication and quality services helped us the most to build strong bonds and trustworthy relationships.


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