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Custom software, Mobile app
Ukraine (Kyiv)

Gravum provides cutting-edge software development outsourcing services for your company. Having headquarters in Estonia, Lithuania, and Ukraine, we provide custom software development solutions to suit your business needs.

Our services include full-cycle web and mobile solutions development, product design & development, technology consulting, R&D, and building dedicated teams for our customers. Gravum is a full-cycle software outsourcing company. We offer a broad range of development services

Average Project Size

€ 8000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

10+ years

Development process

1: A great imagination leads to a great app (identify a problem which can be resolved by your app, decide the features of your app
2: Identifying (application target users, mobile platforms and devices to be supported, revenue model)
3: Design your app (significant factor responsible for success of an app in the market).
4: Identify approach to develop the app - native, web or hybrid.
5: Develop a prototype (the process of taking your idea and turning it into an application with some basic functionality).
6: Integrate an appropriate analytics tool (some of the mobile analytics tool which helps in this process: Google Analytics, Flurry, Localytics, Mixpanel, Preemptive)
7: Identify beta-testers (listen to clients' feedback and integrate relevant ones).
8: Release / deploy the app.
9: Upgrade your app with improvements and new features


Agile Software Development, Scrum, Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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Denis Oleynik
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We help our consumer-oriented clients to drive business with their innovation-driven and contemporary web and mobile app solutions since our establishment in 2006. Gravum's true achievement lies in the satisfaction of clients who trust them with their precious time and money. The company serves its clients best interest with an eye on flexibility, integrity, compliance, and ethics.


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