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Custom software, Mobile app, Staff augmentation, Website
Romania (Cluj-Napoca)

"Qodery is a Swiss-Romanian IT company. We provide high-end development, software engineering and consulting services to scaling-up start-ups and SMEs. Leveraging a unique blend of top engineering talent and in-depth business acumen, we build dedicated software teams and fully functional software solutions for Financial, Healthcare and Industry 4.0 companies.

We provide our clients with:
1. Development teams: our dedicated development teams are committed to support your project. They are flexible, scalable and can cover the entire scope of your digital project.
2. Software engineering: we are committed to support your digital project end-to-end. Our team will assist you at each step of the development life cycle, from conception to implementation and production.
3. Consulting: our on-field experience and in-depth expertise will help you create a comprehensive IT strategy to help you achieve your IT goals.

Our experienced software developers have the following technology expertise, but not limited to:
- Back-End: Node.JS, PHP, Python, Spring, Django and Laravel
- Front-End: HTML/CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Angular and Vue
- Mobile: C#, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter
- Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL
- DevOps: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes

The development team is mainly located in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and is made of two thirds of senior developers, while one third are mid-level developers. The team is fully fluent in English while with pleasure we will talk to you in German, French, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Hungarian and/or Portuguese.

The industry consultant team is located in Switzerland. They all have strong on-field industry experience in the sectors we cover (Finance, Healthcare, and Industry 4.0)."

Average Project Size

€ 50000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

5-9 years

Development process

"Our dedicated development teams work as following:
(1) Requirement analysis: define the project goals, business needs and required expertise. Our software engineers, business analysts and project manager will analyze the needs, identify the risks , and ensure the technical feasibility.
(2) Set-up and ramp-up: optimize the team structure and set-up a detailed roadmap for hiring, knowledge transfer and team integration.
(3) Onboarding: select engagement model based on the current business goal, time and material or a dedicated development team pricing model.
(4) Develop: support process optimization and establish clear communication channels, while ensuring compliance with security requirements and standards.
(5) Scale, report, and progress monitoring: expand and improve cooperation, while ensuring the highest operational quality.

When providing software engineering services, we work using the scrum methodology and based on following iterations:
- Iteration 1 – Plan: our cross-functional team will analyze the project requirements and expected deliverables, conduct a feasibility study and assess the technology-related risks, with the aim of enabling a smooth project kick-off.
- Iteration 2 – Build: our project team will complete a full cycle of development activities, from defining the architecture and laying out a test automation framework to performing multiple development iterations leading to the final project delivery.
- Iteration 3 – Validate: during the validation phase, our goal is to test the solution and ensure its full alignment with the initial requirements.
- Iteration 4 – Deploy: once the client has accepted the solution, our DevOps team will configure the designated production environment and deploys the solution.
- Iteration 5 – Maintain: during the maintenance phase, our team will maintain the solution by continuously monitoring its vitals and adding new functionality when needed.


Agile Software Development, Scrum, Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Contact details
Florian de Rooij
Florian de Rooij at Qodery

+41 78 235 57 31

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Ideal clients

"Our ideal client is a scaling-up start-up or a company that is looking for a reliable partner to accelerate the development and deployment of their digital technologies. The ideal client is active in the finance, healthcare or industry 4.0 (logistics, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage) sector and is looking for software engineering capacity combined with deep industry know-how.

We support our clients throughout the entire cycle of development and afterwards. A friendly but straightforward and transparent communication is much appreciated, this allows us to continuously improve ourselves, to better understand our clients present and future requests so we can always be prepared to fulfill tasks of any complexity.

At Qodery, we want to fully take care of the development side, while the client can focus on its core business by expanding it and make it a success story.


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