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Tailorsoft SAS Verified
Custom software, Design, Mobile app, Website
Colombia (Medellin)

"Tailorsoft is a boutique software development company with a long history of delivering quality web apps to North American partners. We specialise in Ecommerce solutions for image conscious brands, because we pay attention to detail. We work on east-coast time, so we can be contacted at any time and can join meetings during your work day.
We offer the full range of services from research and design to development and production support. "

Average Project Size

€ 150000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

10+ years

Development process

"We believe the first step in a successful project is discussing the business requirements. Personas are created with objectives of what each would be able to achieve, covering the full spectrum from first time user to system administrator. Based on the business requirements and personas, wireframes are generated that roughly present screens and user flows. If presentation is important, then polished mockups are then generated for a subset of the screens based on clients branding.
The combination of wireframes and mockups allow for rough estimates to be developed. Initial code and test environments are created where the client can see the progress and development starts. Each iteration of the product involves client vetting and approval, with improvements being looped back into the development cycle.
When the product meets requirements on the test environments, a golive transition is executed which might involve data-migration from legacy systems. The now live system is monitored closely and issues escalated and resolved in a timely manner. "


Agile Software Development, Lean Development (LD), Scrum, Waterfall (a.k.a. Traditional)

Contact details
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor at Tailorsoft SAS

+57 301 466 8585

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Ideal clients

Our ideal client comes to us with a problem and we work together on what is the ideal solution. We provide beautiful mockups that guild decision making processes and allow us to provide estimates. The client joins us for weekly meetings and answers questions in a timely manner. In the end, the result is a commercial success for the client.

Tailorsoft SAS
Tailorsoft SAS
Tailorsoft SAS

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