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Volya Corporation
Custom software, Design, Mobile app, Staff augmentation, Website
United States (Austin)

Volya Software Corporation is U.S. based IT company, established in 2009, specializing in production of custom software solutions for businesses, software systems for production automation, web and mobile applications. We also provide complete “turn-key” Software Development Outsourcing and IT consulting services. The main office is located in Austin, Texas (USA) with a branch office in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Historically, Volya focused on creating custom software engineering solutions for CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Packaging Industries, and developing machine learning, visual recognition systems for cutting tables and related hardware equipment.

Over the time, the Company’s spectrum of experience and successful projects have expanded significantly into other business areas such as: CRM-systems, financial trading and logistics applications, web solutions for healthcare industry, crypto currency development and many more.

Average Project Size

€ 65000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

10+ years

Development process

Option 1a: Preset schedule, budget, no product requirements upfront: To commit to the predefined schedule and budget, we require detailed information about the business requirements, use cases, and potential high-level functionality of the product. This information helps us develop the technical specifications, which will be presented to the customer for approval.

Option 1b: Preset schedule, budget, product requirements upfront: We take the product requirements provided by the customer, convert them into development specifications, and then provide development options to meet the schedule, budget, and product specs.

Option 2: No upfront product requirements or timeline (maybe budget is set upfront): Development under the agile methodology. We begin developing the product in small iterative increments, with each increment being a working product with limited options. These options grow with each release until the final release. The goal here is to deliver something that meets the customer's current needs, rather than something defined in a contract months ago. The goal is to constantly validate the incremental deliverables with the customer to ensure that we are building the product that is needed by the customer. Based on our experience, customer tech specs and requirements will change during the project as the customer provides real-time feedback on the new releases we deliver. This allows customers to adapt their vision of the product as the project progresses.


Agile Software Development, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Scrum, Waterfall

Contact details
Vitaliy Hapanovych
Vitaliy Hapanovych at Volya Corporation


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Ideal clients

A manufacturing Company who designs and produces its own products, and requires customization to its design/product development tools (CAD applications, CRM business applications, Customer's mobile/web applications)

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